5 Excellent Qualities of The Apple AirPods


After their Keynote last week, Apple has been taking a lot of flak for snipping the iconic white wires from their EarPods and removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Apple AirPods.

These were done to make room for the AirPods, Apple’s first wireless earbuds, a device Apple would like to help pave the way for a wireless ecosystem. Many seem to dislike the look of the AirPods, with some referring to them as “earrings.” Wireless earbuds are also nothing new.

Apple AirPods

Removing the headphone jack exacerbates the matter because many feel coerced to purchase the AirPods at $159. Without these, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus buyers will have to settle for the wired EarPods that come packaged with the new iPhones. Using third-party alternatives will require the use of a Lightning adapter, which isn’t the most elegant solution around.

So we ask: is there any good to come out from the AirPods, which will be coming out in late October? Although Apple’s AirPods may seem like a bad deal to some right now, taking a step back – and maybe a deep breath – to look at the big picture will show that the AirPods indeed have redeeming qualities.

1) It promises to get rid of constantly having to pair your Apple Airpods to your device

The AirPods are designed to be always connected to your iPhone and Apple Watch – no pairing required. According to Apple, they’re intelligent enough to know which device you’re using to play music, and will switch audio between devices depending on the priority of user actions and events.

With iCloud’s help, the AirPods can also recognize every logged-in iOS or Mac OS device you own and connect to them when they’re nearby.


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