Apple to release the SIRI speaker that talk to you.


After a lot of time. We are sharing some valuable news. A Recent update about iPhpone 7 and upcoming 8 are little down because Apple introduces a new product. Apple is making a Siri speaker that will sit in people’s houses and speak to them. Yes, Sounds wired. But true here is the future we are talking about. Now you don’t need to call your friend to chat on. Just here SIRI speaker who works on AI will speak to you and listen to you. If you are really interested to know just scroll down.

Just like Amazon and Google Speaker but improved.

Siri speakerApple’s Siri speaker has gone into production and will work as a way of listening to music as well as getting information by talking to it, according to reports. That will put it in competition with companies like Google and Amazon, both of which makes their speaking speakers.

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Just Like HIFI iPods?

Siri speakerIt will look to stand out from those other tech giants’ competitors – the Home and the Echo – by including much better speakers that include virtual surround sound technology and also adding better support for Apple’s product lineup, according to the report. Apple has made speakers before – like the iPod HiFi – as well as owning Beats headphones and using its way of sending music wirelessly across networks.

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Siri speaker, Great For Home Alone.

Siri speaker

As well as playing music and answering questions, the speaker will be a useful way of automating people’s homes, allowing them to talk to their lights or ovens and turn them off and on, for instance.

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Apple is planning to introduce new hardware at the WWDC event for the first time since 2013. As well as possibly bringing out the speaker, it’s also expected to show off new Macs and iPads – alongside the usual updates to its iOS and Mac software.

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