Disappointing New iPhones Reveal Scared And The Greedy Apple !

new iphones

New iphones : Did Apple change the world with the launching of its new iPhones this past week? Or did Tim Cook and his staff create the tiniest changes possible. To inch forward the capabilities of their iOS powered smartphones so that the money would continue rolling in?

But, the triple-play of this new iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X aren’t going to be failures.

Let us be clear, the triple-play of this iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X aren’t going to be failures. I still anticipate Apple’s annual earnings to be about the 205 to 210 million handset markers. Sales will remain stable, the faithful will update for a different product cycle and everyone remains quietly inside the walled garden of the Apple Store. In terms of amounts, earnings, and a yield for shareholders the 3 new iPhones are precisely what required.

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I only wish there was more vision and bravery, instead of safety-first business decisions of a business which seems to be scared to make any radical shift.

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