Disappointing New iPhones Reveal Scared And The Greedy Apple !


Being outside of the typical iterative handset update signifies Apple might place the price point at which it needed to. And opted to pass the psychological barrier of $1000 (plus tax).

The iPhone X is everything that the iPhone 8 updates weren’t.

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On the surface of it, the iPhone X is everything that the iPhone 8 updates weren’t. This was the handset which had presentation time spent on it. Here was that the handset which was going to alter the future, here was the beneficiary of Apple’s truckload of all superlatives.

Yet the entire bundle again feels a little apartment. Much made from the switch to a OLED display. Yes the bezels shrunk by Apple, but they aren’t invisible by any stretch of the imagination. In percentage terms the Note 8 still has more display on display compared to iPhone X. Neither is OLED display new technologies – Apple is following all sourcing it in Samsung and the South Korean firm. Was happily outfitting its handsets with OLED displays at higher resolutions than Apples iPhone X for any number of years.

The user interface across the display In the various gestures required to the two different means of displaying the status bar. All talk to a reduction of a draconian control within the iOS UI.

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