How To Find A Lost iPhone if Switched OFF

Lost iPhone


Lost iPhone: Have you lost your brand new or expensive iphone and can’t remember the place you could have lost it. Don’t worry you can find it even if it is switched because of the low battery or shut down by the thief.

So lets see on the steps how to find the lost phone:

When you have lost your iPhone, you can use the findmyiphone on the iCloud Website or on another iPhone.

Finding With the iCloud website.

  1. login to with your apple ID which is Link With your lost iPhone.
  2. Enter the FindMyiPhone and select in your iOS devices in All the Devices.
  3. Now It will show some detail information on the map, And it will show three modes to select: Play the Sound, the Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone mode.


Lost iPhone


4. When you select Play the Sound Mode : Your lost iPhone play alert ring set in FindMyiPhone. if Your iphone Near you then the ring Will Hear You.


Lost iPhone


5. When you select Lost Mode: It will set your iPhone in the Lost Mode immediately, and will allow you to send the message to your iPhone. After Send The Messsage The Message Will see on Your iPhone Screen That Guy Can Read Your Drop Message Who have Your iPhone.


Lost iPhone


6. When you select the Erase iPhone Mode: it will delete all of Your Data From your iphone, and preventing the theif from accessing it.

After That Your iPhone Will Stuck On a Activation Screen And Asking For Apple ID & Password so none can’t use it Untill He/She have Your Apple Email And Password.

If you Used Lost Mode Option Before This, then your message will be seen on the Activation screen where ask for Apple ID and Password.

Lost iPhone

How to find With FindMyiPhone on an iOS device.

  1. Search FindMyiPhone in the AppStore and signin with your Apple ID of lost iphone.
  2. Select FindMyiphone and select your iOS device in All Devices that is lost.


Lost iPhone


You need to set findmyiphone before it is lost so that you can find it when it is lost


Look How to set FindMyPhone before it is lost.

  1. Open your iPhone, Enter the Settings->>iCloud.–>> login iCoud with your Apple ID in phone.


Lost iPhone


2. Enter the iCloud->> and Turn on FindMyiPhone.


Lost iPhone


3. Turn on the Option Send last location,and it will send your last location of your iPhone. when the battery is too low or it is turned off by the thief.

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