Google enhances AI to iPhone and Photo Books service

Google enhances AI

Google enhances AI (AI) is also on the smartphones of working in Android platform, smart speakers and gears. Now, this firm brings back with the iPhone and photo book service.It may lead the new era of iPhone. Let’s talk about this.

Google announced a version of artificial intelligence to iPhone on this Wednesday.

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Google enhances AI

Google’s artificial intelligence is already platforms in gears and smartphones. Google’s I/O conference Google plans to three more places iPhone’s, kitchen and coffee tables.
The Mountain view is to set this intelligence assistant to APPLE Inc. soon as this Wednesday. According to a person who is familiar with this topic.

Google’s voice-based assistant unleashed last year, and it falls back when it released. Competitors like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa are quite good. It is onset top land some iPhone apps as downloaded free to all iPhone users from Apple store.
This AI may lead up to its performance which synchronised on iPhone basis. It would first arrive in US .it is working on it was adding supports other countries too.

Google enhances AI

Users will be able to order physical, printed books of pictures from the Photos app to shipped to their homes, the person said. Google plans to offer multiple types of book materials for the service, with one option costing $10 per book, the person added. Apple, in the past, offered a similar service for its photos application on Mac computers. but the company discontinued the feature about a year ago.

The assistant of google’s pixel same features acts in iPhone. The voice recognition is same in iPhone.Google AI was supporting photos, so that create albums relevantly.The company photo app will upgrade with new feature repeating coffee table photo books.The Assistant will utilise with Google apps. Google will show with other new products this week. AI is supporting Photos so the service could automatically create albums by mixing relevant and related images in it .


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