iPhone 8 carries Sport 3D Front Cam , A11 SoC Production.


Apple said that several reported new phone yet to release yield issues. iPhone 8 facing with all new specifications. Touch components, display structure, A11chipset, bigger screen size OLED, and much more. Some reports claims to the front cam of 3D camera and facial recognition. Technical issues on the front camera of iPhone 8 production announced. The report claims about the TSMC already begins. The production of apple A11 SoC on the 10 nano meter process. As SoC integrated with different circuited smartphones,this year report says.

iPhone 8 will have new 3D camera and face recognition :

iphone 8The investor cities like Korea say iPhone  will have new 3D camera and face recognition.Those modules are LG Innotek.

iphone 8 with this sport 3D featured produced by the inntoek . All this made over to control the production basis.Inntek sets featured new development on the iPhone  dual cameras.Those new investment net price KRW 269.7 billion. KGI controls the leaks and safeguards the plagiarism security.Read now – CIRP : People are getting bored of the same old iPhone

“TSMC has begun 10nm chip production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8 series, the sources said. Production was  affected by issues involving stacking components in the backend integrated ” sources told DigiTimes.

The iPhone 8 expected to sport 3GB of RAM, vertical dual rear camera setup. Bundled AirPods, wireless charging, waterproofing, and much more.

iphone 8 HIGHLIGHTS :

  1. A11 enter the production in vast growth
  2. 3D camera module likely to arrive on iphone
  3. A11 SoC chipset arrive on all iphones this year
  4. iphone size appearence changes

Separately the DigiTimes included the reports leaks that concluded in it. Panorama of the phone 8 of the A11 SoC chipset and sports #d camera nothing passes. Delays may be up and own on the breakage of the company. Apple deals the same as JP Morgan announced to do.iphone 8  all new feature may lag sometimes. The other report says it may delay.demanding on much , expectations improvises a lot .

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