iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup…..!


So when it comes to leaks of any Apple product. Which is yet to be launched it becomes more attractive. Now we all know that next release of Apple is the variant of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 which is now known as iPhone X. Due to the iPhone 8 Rumor, it is fascinating now. Is it going to be cheap? Or is it going to be SNL on board? Much more leaks on leaks in iPhone 8 Rumor. Scroll down for the full info.

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Sketch, schematics or a render whatever you can tell. In this week a site disclosed a demo image of upcoming iPhone 8. Which is showing vertical dual-camera set-up and the fingerprint sensor in backward? In this way that site make a discussable topic in between the iPhone lovers. Also, that site leaks that this upcoming iPhone will have a great visual front screen.

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What iPhone insider tell about this iPhone 8 Rumor?

About this wide range of news iPhone executive insisted that “No, Apple won’t move the home button and Touch ID to the back of the ‘iPhone 8’.” Which means a lot to the iPhone lovers.  WHAT ABOUT IF WE REVEL ANOTHER LEAK? ” YES.” Another Geeky web said that “A front-facing Touch ID and a camera underneath the display, wireless charging and contoured glass on the front and back bordered by a metal edge are among the changes revealed here.”

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Getting Chippy?

iPhone 8 RumorOne of the financial analyst out of Germany published a note on iPhones next release. He wrote “Apple is working on technology that could replace all or part of the Dialog power management chips in its smartphones. If true, Then iPhone is going to be cheaper.”

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iPhone 8 RumorOne outfit that may end up cutting Apple loads of slack on its iPhone 8, paying little respect to how incredible or not it ends up being, is SNL. It turns out the satire appear, which has spared Apple every so often previously, is accounted for going to make some business content for Apple. So this is the recent leaks on iPhone stay tuned for more on iPhone 8 Rumor.

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