Recover iphone From Recovery Mode


HOW TO Recover iphone From Recovery Mode EAILY WITHOUT LOSING ANY DATA

Hello friends Welcome to our site Today we Gonna tell you that how can you recover your  ipad, ipad mini, iPod, iphone From Recovery Mode etc. In very few minutes and without spending any money for it.

So let’s start- As we all know that if iphone is switched off and we have pressed the home key along with home button our iphone will stuck into recovery mode. And if we cant repair it by our self then we have to give big amount of money to the seller.

And also system recovery can be used to get rid of many issues like white apple logo, dark screen, circle coming on start screen and so on.

So let’s see how we can do system recovery safely without losing any data.

Recover iphone From Recovery Mode
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So let’s start To Recover iphone From Recovery Mode

Step 1–  First of all you have to download ios  system recovery. Once you have downloaded it install it into your desktop, laptop whatever install it by double tapping it and clicking on install. Now open it by double tapping it. You will see four symbols on the left side of the application. Click on the fourth option “MORE TOOLS”. And then a popup will appear click on ios system recovery
Step 2– Now connect your pc with internet and connect your phone you have to recover without losing any data. After you have connected your iphone to your pc a new option will appear. In this option you have to click on begin.
Step 3– Now comes the main task when ios recovery will search your device then you have to download additional firmware related to your phone’s module. So downloading them perfectly to your pc is the main task downloading will take some time so sit back.
Step 4– so when the downloading of the additional firmware relating to your phones model has been finished. The phone will be automatically started to be recovered by the ios recovery software and when the installation of the firmware to your phone is completed there will be a pop up message that recovery is done. So you can close your pc  now and check that you have recovered your iphone stuck in recovery mode without losing any data.


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