iPhones That Charge Over Wi-Fi ? Soon…

iPhones That Charge Over Wi-Fi

Always we are fell in trouble due to the fast discharge of iPhone or Apple products. We already posted about how to charge your iPhone quickly. We added five tips by using them your iPhone or Apple product will be levied as soon as possible or required less time than as usual. But here we got another new and wow type fact which can bound you to say “WTF.” Yes, Apple is planning for a technology which will go to change your how you view wireless charging. iPhones That Charge Over Wi-Fi. So stay connected and scroll down.

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iPhones That Charge Over Wi-Fi. Who?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday (Apr. 27) published an Apple patent application describing a method for. Which you could charge your iPhone wirelessly with help from the Wi-Fi router in your home. Instead of using a standard wireless charging pad or dock. Power to your iPhone would transfer over the air all over your house. So now I think you got perfect idea how it is going to work and all. iPhones That Charge Over Wi-Fi is now going to true very soon.

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Apple is on backward in this technology. 

iPhones That Charge Over Wi-FiWireless charging, of course, is nothing new. Companies as far ranging as Samsung and LG all offer the technology in their handsets. However, Apple has been one of the laggards in that space, and its absence from the wireless charging market has earned it some criticism from those who believe it’s a must-have feature for any handset.

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Wireless charge is going to be on?

iPhones That Charge Over Wi-FiApple is reportedly working on addressing that shortcoming with the iPhone 8 it has planned for later this year. Whether the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will offer wireless charging, however, remains to be seen.

Essentially, Apple is saying in its patent application that it’s possible for it to boost wireless signals and convert them into energy, so you can be anywhere in your house and get a charge. Better yet, it would all but eliminate the need to plug your iPhone into the wall. iPhones That Charge Over Wi-Fi.

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