Apple sold fewer iPhones this quarter but made more per device !!


When asks you about world’s most deserving phone company. What do you say? When someone asks you about which mobile company earns a lot. I know your answer must refer for Apple. Right? So Yes, iPhone is the leading brand which makes million in the quarter. So Apple’s second quarter earnings results are in, and the company reported iPhone sales of about 50.8 million units for a revenue figure of $33.2 billion. Scroll down for the whole news. But little more per device.

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Apple Revenue increased.

Revenue increased. Sure, by just 1 percent, from $32.9 billion, but the shift here means Apple is making more money on each iPhone sold than it has in years prior more per device.

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Increases a little more per device

We see play out with current iPhone sales; Apple may not need to push more units every year if it can sell a sizable enough chunk of more expensive units. The average selling price of an iPhone hit a record high of $695 in the first quarter of fiscal 2017. (iPhone ASP was $655 this most recent quarter, yet still up 2 percent year over year.) You can imagine that the figure hasn’t climbed more aggressively because Apple happened to introduce a low-cost revamp of an earlier model in the form of the iPhone SE.

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OLED Display will Drive price up. 

OLED display. Those two elements will drive up prices. more per device.  In fact, rumor has it the phone could cost close to $1,000, and Apple might market it as a 10th anniversary edition device. Meanwhile, the company could sell a more casual 7S upgrade for those who still want a phone that costs between $650 and $800 

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