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Apple iPhones


The year 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of apple iphones. So on that occasion lets have a look on how has apple iphone turned by years and by versions.

So Here is the list of All Apple iPhones with their features Every Model from 2007-2016:

Apple iPhones Ist: June 29 2007: it was the first iphone which was launched. And after its launch the future of iphone was visible. It was the first screen touch phone. It had the storage of 128 mb and you can also use internet on it. Well it had a camera of 2.0 MP

iPhone 3G: July 11  2008: it was the second iphone known. But it was not much different from the original iphone except for that it had an APP STORE. Allso it had 3G connectivity means internet on your hand at that time.

iPhone 3GS: June 19 2009: apple launched the 32 GB  storage within this phone only. The New thing is that Camera is update to 3MP As Well Video Recording Has Introduce And also many features introduce in the app store.

iPhone 4: June 24  2010: on its launch apple got tremendous success. First Week Near About 4 Millions iPhone Sold On its launch. And apple became a supergiant. Also this phone had the front camera along with the retina display. And this was the thinnest phone at that time.

iPhone 4S: October 14 2011: from here everything changed. The remarkable demand of iphone rose. First Week Near About 4 Millions iPhone Sold. And also the camera upgraded from 5MP to 8MP. But the memory remained only 512MB. Also one thing came with it THAT IS SIRI

iPhone 5: September 21 2012: the screen got bigger to 5 inches. Internal Storage hiked to 1GB. While camera remaining the same 1080p recording And at that time apple introduced LTE meaning world on hands.

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus: September 19 2014: before it apple 5c was launched but didn’t had much change. But apple sold 10M in the first week. also the screen became too large than others. And also the storage capacity to 128GB.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus: September 19 2015: it just had a simple change that it had hiked the memory from 1 GB to 2 GB.

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus : September 16 2016: I don’t think that i need to tell about it. But for a formality it had dropped the base model of 16GB storage to 28GB and to 256GB. It had revolutionary camera with large zoom. And also it was the highest grossing phone ever.

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